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The classical types like Manfrotto and Gitzo are the favourites of professional users. They have been on the market for a long time, although recently there were supply problems in Europe and their competitors took advantage on this gap and came in, and we have to admit that their tripods are as good as the above mentioned favourites. For instance, Benro, Velbon, Induro; each company produces top quality and more commercial models as well. If they meet the above mentioned requirements, they must be OK. Benro and Velbon are more popular on the European market, but, thanks God, recently America’s favourite, the Induro tripod family is also available in Hungary as well.
For amateur photographers or low-budget customers Dörr and Hama tripods are recommended, although these are not for professionals but for tourists. Their quality and usefulness is in accordance with that, but don’t forget that every picture taken from a tripod is better, sharper and more conscious than a handhold one.
It is not easy to choose as there are many market players. I named a few, the most important brands. A free bag or toolset can help the decision, Benro and Induro are very competitive in this field. A tripod kit can also be a good choice, especially for the uncertain ones.
The tripod itself is not sufficient, you also have to have a look at the tripod heads but this will be explained in the next issue.
Entrance level: Dörr, Hama
Medium level: Velbon, Giotto, Benro
Advanced level: Induro, Gitzo, Manfrotto
It is important mention that tripods and tripod heads are not necessarily have to be made by the same producer. For example, I have an Induro tripod with a Benro head. But I also have a set in which a Gitzo tripod has a Manfrotto head. The most important brands are compatible with each other.
Every one can find the most suitable one. My photographer master always told me that only two types of tripod exists: one which is light and easy to carry but useless, and the other one which is useful but not easy to carry because it is heavy and stable but good for any photography work.
Have a nice browse!
Tamás Imre
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