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The autumn is here and those who do landscape photography now take their cameras out. You can see better and better landscapes in countless photographic albums or on websites. After seeing them, we all want to make such or similar pictures. First we have to choose a scene. Everybody can find many beautiful places in his own country but fanatics are ready to travel for them to faraway countries. When out in the field we realise that the task we are faced with is not that easy.
Photo: © Anikó Imre

Canon EOS 1D-s Mark III, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM 0.8 sec f/22 ISO 200

Beginners’ problems

Many people travel in their spare time all over the world. I almost cannot see any tourist group in which someone would not hold a compact camera or often a DLSR camera. They watch and admire the places which they visited while clicking their cameras. Returning home they tell their experiences enthusiastically to their friends. But at that moment they realize that the pictures are not that good because they cannot see the desired admiration on their friend’s faces what they felt at the moment of shooting. To avoid basic mistakes please take my advices.

Before setting out

Before we set out to the unknown, preparation is a must. Try to gather as much information as possible. We can do it in libraries, bookstores, looking for albums about our place of destination, having a look around the world, especially on the Internet. The newest source of information is the guidebooks and albums can be subscribed on tablets, iPads. You do not always have to spend money, many application are available free of charge at APP Store or Android Store. Often we can find videos about the famous photo scenes, YouTube is worth looking around. It is almost sure that a renowned photographer has been to our chosen place before. Gathering information is also useful for learning from other’s mistakes or from their good pictures, so you could photograph the chosen scene according to your taste. We can find photo albums in Hungarian at Alexandra Publishing House. Prices range from 5.000 to 10.000 HUF. Digital versions are available in English for a couple of dollars at the above mentioned sites. Android tablets are available from 30.000 HUF, iPads from 99.000 HUF.
Photo: © Tamás Imre

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM 1/160 sec f/10 ISO 200

Balance of soul and place

The good landscape photo grabs your soul, it makes the atmosphere of the place almost tangible. The most important thing before exposure is to think through why you stopped there, in that very place. When you make your composition, your main subject should be the one which grabbed your attention. If you succeed, the picture will express the atmosphere of the given land and the sight will attract the viewer.

Image editing and depth of field

At our chosen scene, the most suitable device to choose the appropriate cropping is a 24x36 mm cardboard frame. Covering one eye we can watch the sight through this viewfinder frame. With an outstretched arm we can see a view of a telephoto lens, while drawing it near to our eyes we can see a view of a wide-angle lens. If you do not find the view suitable, then change position as you often can find a much favorable viewpoint a few steps away. To achieve the suitable depth of field you should select a narrow aperture, f/11 or f/16 on your camera. To do so you should set aperture preselection (A) or Canon (Av) on the mode selector switch. It requires a longer exposure time, so using a tripod becomes inevitable. Moreover, I use a tripod in every case as doing so I have time to set the desired composition, so it does not move, while doing it handheld you cannot set your frame back to the same position again.
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