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István Kerekes EFIAP/PLATINUM Art Photographer


1, What made you start doing photography?
- Since my parents used to go hiking every weekend, they took me with them as a little child. Later on I walked the fields and forests with my childhood friends and became very interested in the wonderful world of nature. (Most of my friends are ornitologists, biologists or environmental experts.) Therefore, hiking and the love of nature pervaded me in my childhood and adolescent years. I started photography to capture the weekend hikings and one or two interesting moments in nature along the way.
Photo: © István Kerekes
2, When did you actually start photography?
- I decided in 1997 that I should do photography more seriously as I wanted to show the wonders of the nature seen at my weekend hikings to the people around me. Until 2000 I actually did only nature photographs. But walking the nature at that time I realised that I came across many interesting and unique social photo themes which were worth shooting. So in the beginning of the 2000s I gradually started doing social and portrait photography as well and I became successful very soon both at national and international level. I fell in love with social and portrait photography so much that the balance is tilted now in favour of these fields.
3, Did you learn photography somewhere or you are just full of inspiration?
- I have not learned photography, I have developed it in a self-taught way. The first inspirations for nature photography came from one of the columns titled „The Magic of the Moment” of the Hungarian „Természet Búvár” magazine. As for social and portrait photography, I barely studied them, I rather watched old photo magazines and the websites of one or two famous photographers on the Internet. It is important to mention that at the moment I do not have any book on photography at home and I never had one.
Photo: © István Kerekes
4, Do you have a hero whose works make an effect on you and inspire new ideas?
- As for social and portrait photography my hero is the world famous Steve McCurry. As for nature photography, the one who inspired my passion for it and whose works made the most motivating effect on me was László Novák. However, I am very determined from the beginning not to copy somebody by any of my works or not to make any similar or the same what others have already photographed. I try to develop a completely unique point of view and a world of images and thoughts and I form the final colour scale of the pictures unique too. I try to make something what nobody ever has done before.
5, You have a varied portfolio. I can see that contests and competitions are very important for you. Why?
- As I mentioned above my list of interests within photography is portrait, social and nature photo. This question was answered by my childhood friend who know me very well and today he is a famous press photographer. „See István, as you did competitive sports from the age of 7 to the age of 22, for a short 15 years, and your aim was to try being the best in competitions, it runs in your blood for good. That's why participation in contest and competitions so important for you.”
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