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Ferenc Somodi


Photo: © Ferenc Somodi - End of winter by the banks

I was born in 1975, in Kecskemét, I grew up on a farm where I still live with my wife and two children. I work here on the farm, I am a qualified agricultural engineer. I have been watching every moments of the nature since my childhood and nature became the part of my life early. I have been doing nature photography since the age of 14, in every free minutes of my life. My main fields are macro photography, recently I do underwater macros too, and I do landscapes as well. I won several national and international awards, such as the European Nature Photographer of the Year and the Hungarian Nature Photographer of the Year awards. I won “The Best Press Photographer of the Year” award on the Hungarian Press Photography competition in 2009. It is my vocation from the beginning to serve to the glory of God through my pictures! “The one who approaches nature with open eyes and open ears, sooner or later must also open his heart for it. He bows his head before the wonder of nature and becomes its enthusiastic disciple, confidential friend,
Photo: © Ferenc Somodi - Gyalui-Havasok

“the child of nature”. And “mother nature”, worthy of the name, adopts him and take him to its heart. Nature provides him permanent spiritual support, solace and relief. Has the life-tormented man got any better pharmacy, has his beggarly mind got any wiser counsellor and his Godseeking soul any more sacred church than the solitude of the forest?”
(Zsigmond Széchenyi)
Photo: © Ferenc Somodi - Happy frog

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