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Zoltán Ritzel


I encountered photography at the age of 15 when – as a high school student in Bonyhád – I joined the city’s photo club. At that time the storehouse of my cameras included Pajtás and Smena, Zenit, Praktika and Minolta. In the beginning I liked photographing pretty girls and classmates, but the memories of my rural childhood soon drew me towards nature and social photography.
Photo: © Zoltán Ritzel - Lightbroom

However, I did not say no to theatre and concert photography either. I studied photography, and later, in 1990, I was hired by a regional daily as a press photographer. But soon I became a design editor, so photography had been scaled back a bit in those years. Of course, my love of nature remained the same and five years ago, thanks to the new chief editor’s negative criticism, and maybe by resentment or by ambition, I again participated in photography competitions. And soon I won the first prize, a 10-megapixel DSLR camera in a competition, the topic was environmental protection. From that point lots of things has changed. I have become more active than ever.
Since then, I have won prizes in quite a few national and international competitions. Presently I work with a Canon EOS 7D in the region of my hometown, Bonyhád, and in the little region of the Geresd Hills, between Szekszárd and the Mecsek Mountains. I have no favorite themes or animals. I equally like macro, landscape, mammal or bird photography and also spiders, dragonflies or snails.
Photo: © Zoltán Ritzel - Solarium

The point is to spot something strange or unique in the subject and my fingers start to itch immediately. At the beginning I only photographed during my walks or hiking (as I did not like to sit in one place for long) but by now I have tried out the hide tent method too, and I do not get bored even if I have to wait hours for the magic moment. And you can get used to early rising too (in moderation, of course).
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