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János Gyurom


He lives together with the ever-changing, wonderful nature since his childhood. “Binoculars or cameras, each of them are keys to nature and each opens different hidden doors and the image, which can be seen behind these doors, changes according to door we enter”, the father of Hungarian nature photography and filmmaking Zoltán Tildy said.
Photo: © János Gyurom - Face to face
Wild Wonders of Europe - Scotland III. 2009
János Gyurom has entered these “hidden doors” for three decades. Now as a hunter with binoculars, then as a photographer. By today, he realised that it was not possible to pursue both professions successfully and responsibly. His hometown Pápa and its surrounding countryside, the Bakony mountain offer daily joys of discovery for a nature photographer. He was enchanted by the colourfulness of the nature and the wildlife.
During his hikings a camera had become his best companion and through its lens he offers a glimpse into nature’s perpetual revival. These experiences are arranged by his attitude and his pictures talk about the relation between nature and man, and about the photographer himself. In his words: “I want to give hints of thoughts to the viewer through my photos to make them recognise nature’s vulnerability behind the beauty of the sight and highlight the necessity of joining forces to save our environment.
A good nature photographer can do a lot in changing attitudes. However, it is not easy to do and it requires tireless persistence. Nature photography has become the part of my life in the last few years. The love and respect of nature urges me to do more and more for saving the wildlife. My photos are aimed at presenting this wonderful world which is only at arm’s length but still consists of exotic beauties, beautiful landscapes, interesting colours and shapes. I represent them by artistic means to anyone who likes nature and the beauty of the world around us. I want to make make the viewer understand that nature is not only the world of the well-known big games but it can be found in our immediate vicinity too. I trust that people, after seeing my pictures, would walk in the nature with more love and attention.”
János Gyurom is a member of one of the most reputable Hungarian photo community, the Bakony Photo Club. As he says, “It is nice to belong to a community where my work is acknowledged and respected.” Nature-lovers could have seen his works in 39 individual exhibitions so far and he has received several domestic and international awards. One of his highest honours is the Golden Diploma of the Association of Romanian Fine Art Photographers. He is a member of the Hungarian Ornithological and Environmental Association (MME) where he does some monitoring job too. Recently he has built an observation tower (at a cost of no little money) from which he can pursue nature photography “comfortably”. I think that his confession tells it all: “Waiting and watching in a forest noisy with birdsong where you can barely hear the fading peal of remote bells, or to watch the changing pastels of the awakening nature: It is a joy! Waiting on a stag coming out of the woods to the glade or a fox emerging from its burrow: It is exciting!
Photo: © János Gyurom - Dawn
Dusk till dawn special prize 2010,
AAFR Golden award Romania 2009.
Watching the behaviour of birds at night: It is a mistery! Spending the night in a hide at a lakeside: It is an advanture! Admiring the birds circling above the forests of the Bakony with gay abandon: It is freedom! Recording all of these in a picture to be able to relive the colours, the lights, the experiences:
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Text: Béla Szabó
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