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Csaba Daróczi


I was born in 1969 in Debrecen, and grew up in Püspökladány. I went to secondary school in Makó and then I graduated at the Teacher Training College of Szeged where I did Geography and P.E. Now I live in Soltvadkert.
Photo: © Csaba Daróczi - Wind sculpture

I came across photography when I did fieldwork for geography during my college years in 1992, however, the decision that I would be a nature photographer was made just in an hour of time. It happened on a nature photography exhibition where the exhibited photos had such an effect on me that from that time my mind was constantly running on getting the suitable technology to do pictures like those and on learning the tricks of this profession.
I gained my experience mostly from my own failures and successes, however, I always followed the achievements of technology and learned the opportunities provided by them from more experienced photographers. I spent as much time in nature as I could, and I was interested in every theme suitable for taking a good photo of it. As my photos had accumulated, I more and more felt that I was interested in moments which were unrepeatable and showed nature from a very different point of view. Unfortunately, I cannot spend much time in nature recently (due to the lack of free time), so I can take less pictures, however, most of them are able to astonish and surprise their viewers.
Photo: © Csaba Daróczi - Autumn patches

I have tried nature photography once or twice on remote lands, but I had to realise that I could take the best pictures at home. The majority of my photos have been taken not more than fifty kilometres from my home. I have won 59 significant prizes on domestic and international competitions.
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