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Szabolcs Vass


I was born in 1977 in Budapest and I still live here. However, since my grandparents lived near the Tisza Lake, I spent a lot of time in the countryside. I use to fish, go hiking and soon I became attached to the nature. Today my home is near the bank of Danube.
Photo: © Szabolcs Vass - Spider’s dinner

I have been interested in photography more seriously since 2006. In the beginning I tried to take my photos with a Bridge camera and other photo equipments. 2008 was the year of breakthrough as I bought my first DSLR camera with a macro lens. I also became a member of a photo club called „Ágens Fényfestő Egylet” through which I took part in several exhibitions and competitions. Later I put myself to the test individually and I won my first prize at the „Green Planet” competition in 2008.
My pictures were accepted and exhibited among others at the competitions of Lumix, National Geographic and Nature Photographer of the Year. In my spare time I go hiking and take photos and, if there is a chance, I participate in photo tours. I managed to get to the Bayerischer Wald National Park in Germany and to one of the most beautiful region of Croatia, the Plitvice National Park.
I tried myself out in several fields of photography, but I am especially on friendly terms with landscape and macro photography. With the help of digital technology, I find it interesting to show a common butterfly or dragonfly in a way which cannot be visible to the naked eye. I am never satisfied with my pictures taken as I always want to show something different. That’s why I try to find interesting, spectacular points of view as, through my pictures, I want to draw attention to these tiny miracles of nature.
Photo: © Szabolcs Vass - In the finish

Szabolcs Vass


  • Pearl world:
    • Special prize, Green planet 2008
    • 2008 publication in Photographer’s eye magazine
    • 2009 publication in Photographer’s eye magazine
  • Beyond the summit: 2009 publication in Photographer’s eye magazine
  • Drop flower: 2008 publication in Photographer’s eye magazine
  • Moisture snail: FTN 2009. photo competition
  • In action: 2008 National Geographic competition
  • Spider’s dinner: Nature photographer of the year 2010. special price, publication
  • Burning flames: 18. Pannónia photo festival, Nature Photo Magazine’s special prize
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