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Mrs Mária Kesjár


I was born in Békéscsaba where I studied and finished secondary school with a leaving exam. My life has been revolved around work, family and kids up to the recent times.
Photo: © Mrs Mária Kesjár - Colours in a drop

I came across with photograpahy almost by chance when I received my first Bridge camera as a birthday present from my husband. As I had no professional skills at all I had to learn step by step (through lots of attempts) which were my faults and what to change in order to adjust the potential of my camera to my vision. This period of research started in 2008 and lasted for about one year when I had the chance to buy a more professional DSLR camera to which I purchased a better macro lens (Canon 450D, Sigma 105). My opportunities led to my professional orientation, macro photography. Through the viewfinder, I discovered a wonderful world completely unknown for me before, on which most people just tread or pass by it without taking any notice. I has been charmed for good and all by the colours, lights, forms of these wonders so rich in details. For me and for my immediate environment, photography is primarily a source of joy. I had not taken my pictures to receive acknowledments on different professional forums or to gain awards on competitions so I have not participate in such events except of one local competition where I was placed 3rd by my Christmas photo. For me photography is nothing else but an opportunity to spot God’s wonderful creations in their real beauty and show them those who are interested and receptive.
Photo: © Mrs Mária Kesjár - Light broom

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