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2012/3. Autumn

Dear Reader,
Photo: © Tamás Imre

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM 1/160 sec f/10 ISO 200
The summer has gone and here we come with our autumn issue, 2012/3. We are the first to report the testing of an excellent professional camera, Canon 1DX, and we also try out Nikon D7000 to do underwater photography.
This is our 13th issue and we started to develop our digital Android tablet and iPad version jointly with DIMAG , and - if everything goes well - our own iPad application for Nature Photo Magazine will be ready in this quarter of the year. The Nature Photo Magazine is available in English again as we have received plenty of mails from all over the world, from people who are interested in our articles about Eastern European photo scenes. Of course, our online magazine remains free, readers only need to register. Our downloadable version – for which you can subscribe in DIMAG ’s system – has an advantage: you do not have to have permanent Internet access as you can take the digital, interactive issues of Nature Photo Magazine with you anywhere. In addition, all of our previous issues will also be available soon, with more content and photos and with numerous interactive options.

A taster from our present issue:

Photo: © János Szekeres

Nikon D70, Nikkor f/4 300mm 1/320sec f/4 ISO 400
In the “Adventure tour” our colleague, Béla Szabó guide you to the Tara National Park.
We welcome the long-waited Canon 1Dx in our field testing article. The camera performed excellently, so we do not think by chance that a real gladiator was born.
In the „Tips and Tricks” column our editors offer ideas and tips for autumn photography. Besides Árpád Krivánszky and László Suhayda now János Szekeres also gives an insight into autumnal big game photography.
In our “Photo School” column Tamás Imre photographer shares his ideas about landscape photography, providing help for those who like to shoot landscapes but have not done it consciously so far.
We welcome in the “Portfolio” column László Berta nature and portrait photographer. László has achieved great success in several international photo competitions and he loves photographing the eastern cultures.
In the „Nice places” column we show you two interesting scenes for landscape lovers. We share the hidden secrets of Tuscany of Italy and Bodrogzug of Hungary with the readers, both articles were written and illustrated by Anikó Imre and Tamás Imre.
In our “Life under the water” column instead of the traditional diving photography now you can read about a field testing by photographer Dániel Selmeczi. Our colleagues took the Nikon D7000 camera under the water.
„People, Cultures, Cities”: In our series, “A Glance at India”, now Raxaul was our destination. This article was written, photographed and videoed by Pál Teravágimov – more excitement and adventure for you to be read and watch.
Please accept our 13th issue with love – now in iPad and Android versions too!
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