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In case of static themes or if you want the show the proportions, or if you think that something is missing from the picture, use a model. First „dress up” your model, tidy up his equipments, chaotic tubes etc. Communication between photographer and model is very important and it is easier to discuss on the surface what he should react to what sign. Discuss with him what you expect, in what position he should float and to what direction he should light. It is not favourable in many cases if disturbing bubbles distract the attention of the viewer from the theme.
You can spice up simple themes like soft corals, sea lilies by using the light sources which you carry with you during diving. In this case you do not even need a helper as you can place the flash on the reef, you don't have to worry that your theme swim away, so you have enough time to make the desired picture.
Photo: © Selmeczi Dániel

Subal case, Nikon D300, Tokina 10-17, 1/250 sec, f14 ISO 200 , without flash
In this case our theme is given: octopus in a scallop shell. In the case of the left-hand side picture I shot the theme the usual way with two flashes with minimum correction. The result was middling. However, by placing a sensor flash above the theme and by reducing the performance of the two flashes to the minimum, we have had a much more exciting picture.
Black and white and monochrome photos – I like these kinds of underwater pictures. But use this technique only if it adds something special to the picture! Do not use it to hide possible mistakes and do not think that someone consider such a picture more artistic than it really is!
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