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Thoughts on the Hungarian Dive Photography

I would like to share some thoughts on the trends of the Hungarian dive photography. Over the past years, thanks to the monthly competitions and the annual photography contests, many people have managed to learn the basic rules of underwater photography. This is quite obvious as numerous precisely exposed, well-structured pictures have been made, some of them deal with interesting themes. This is a positive and valuable achievement by the enthusiastic participants
Photo: © Selmeczi Dániel

However, these nice and colourful pictures sometimes do not show too much added value in the sense of art.
In today's world plenty of good pictures are taken by amateur photographers thanks to the spread of diving and underwater photography. Having said that, we should not forget one thing, photography is a process of creation in which our most important mean is our own phantasy and individual point of view. This is not a technical issue, but the result of our creativeness, and that is the very thing which makes the moment and the photo unique and unrepeatable. It is important to create something unique which is free of banalities. Let our phantasy soar and use light with confidence.
When the photographer is above the level at which basic problems can be solved, that is the time to think and create. He or she should not be afraid of discovering new things and make experiments, these things are easy to do in today's digital world. The image should be born in your mind first, then you should try to reproduce it on the LCD, then process it on your computer as a last step. It is not necessary to keep the flashes always on the camera, as you can take pictures with completely different effects by moving the light source. If you found a theme, try to capture it in different ways, experiment with different depth-in-fields, lightings, shutter speeds and perspectives. Try to photograph consciously, try to decide in advance what themes you are looking for and how you want to capture them and what pictures you want to take! Makes notes of your important ideas and try to stick to them during the diving tour.
Photo: © Selmeczi Dániel

Subal case, Nikon D300, Tokina 35 mm, 1/250 sec, f18, ISO 400, 2 x Ikelite DS161
I know that many of you think that this is not really possible in dive photography as we never know what to expect. But that's not true! Let's see an example! Probably every participant has been in the Red Sea, so the scene is not new. There are at least eight or ten themes with which you likely will encounter, therefore the planned photo can be taken in a week with about 90 percent probability. Look through your pictures taken in the recent years and try to imagine whether you could have done them better and more interestingly. Study other photographers' pictures taken at the same scene for some inspiration and try to think them further.
If you dive with other photographers, try to cooperate and help each other's work, for example, be a model if necessary.

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