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Bodrogzug - One of the most beautiful place of North-East Hungary

Interesting places

The main attraction of Tokaj among keen hikers is sipping the region’s world-famous wines. It is less known how beautiful Bodrogzug can be in the wet and misty periods of the early hours. Bodrogzug is between the confluence of the Tisza and Bodrog rivers, a swampy, forested grove, mainly a flood area. It is the part of the Tokaj-Bodrogzug Protected Area which stretching from the Olaszliszka-Zalkod line to Tokaj.
Photo: © Tamás Imre

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS USM +1.4x 1/50 sec f/16 ISO 200

Mount Nagykopasz in Tokaj

Everybody knows this region in Hungary, if not seen at least heard about it, and sometimes foreign tourists know where that small town is in which the Tokaji wine is made. The wine is worthy of international reputation, the most famous people swear to it since the Middle Ages that a special elixir is made here. The grapes for wine are harvested from the Mount Nagykopasz. It is a must for visitors to pop into a local wine cellar to taste – besides delicacies like a 5 or 6-butt Aszu - the less known ice wine too. Those, who like dessert wines will not be disappointed. Careful, it is very delicious, large quantities can easily slip down your throat resulting in a headache the morning after. The Mount Nagykopasz is the biggest and highest (512 m) volcanic butte in Hungary. Recently a viewpoint platform was built on the top of the mount which is famous for its high cost (about HUF 40 million). I was lucky to stand on that concrete block and it did not seem so exclusive as we could think by its price. However, the sight from the stand to the Bodrogzug flood area is absolutely fascinating. Anyway, I have never had so expensive tripod stand.


Sometimes Bodrogzug develops into a huge lake as a result of the several yearly floods of the river Tisza. The lower parts of the land between the Tisza and Bodrog rivers are flooded several times a year. In the autumn and early spring when temperature is very low at dawn, the wetland is covered by a thick fog cloud at a height of about half a meter. The groves and forest patches are almost dancing in the first rays of sun.
The dawn light dress the land in a colorful robe, its shades range from golden-yellow to light purple and pink. Be sure to look for a high-altitude point where the landscape is clearly visible, from there you can create exciting and mysterious, hazy images.
Photo: © Tamás Imre

Canon EOS 7D, EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM 1/160 sec f/11 ISO 100
The braves can stay for days in the region, as it is worth hiking inside the nature reserve. Bodrogzug shows pure and idyllic water world between the flooding periods. Reeds are spread over the swampy areas, and the water is rich in beautiful reed grass communities. The shallow areas inhabited by duckweed and water caltrop. In the summer periods nymphaeas, fringed water lilies and pond lilies are blooming, creating a real wild-water world for visitors. The birdlife of the place is also unique. It is testified by the fact that Bodrogzug is listed in the Ramsar Convention which summarises bird habitats of international importance.
I recommend the place which is very popular among winemakers and photographers to every nature lover. If you are lucky, you can take special photos at dawn. And if the weather is not favorable, take a seat in a wine-cellar and forget about the gray everyday life and relax in the company of the world-famous Tokaji wines.
Text: Tamás Imre
Pictures: Anikó Imre and Tamás Imre
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