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Whale vs. Pygmy seahorse

Life underwater

I have been thinking seriously over the years that the future is unfortunately not about the “big-fish” dives. Most of the divers always want to see something HUGE under the water. Dolphins, barracudas, sharks, we could say it does not matter what but it must be something BIG. But after hundreds of dives it gradually begins to change...
Photo: © Dániel Selmeczi

We begin to recognise the beauties of the macro world and we have an insight of the unseen, secret world of angler fish, pygmy seahorses and harlequin crabs.
So far we have only been watching the blueness to spot if something appears and we wanted to do every dive in another spot. But we only should swim slower and watch more carefully and this way even a few square metres of atoll can offer copious sights even for several dives.
Why am I telling this? Unfortunately big fish are disappearing in recent years, we rarely come across tuna or other open sea species during our dives. Think about it, when was the last you saw in Egypt a flock of barracudas, consisting of hundreds or sometimes thousands of species, whirling like a tornado? Or a flock of mackerels? Unfortunately these phenomena are getting out of sight of divers. Environmental pollution, global overfishing, damages by dynamites are slowly causing irreversible processes in the seas of the world. Or we have to travel such distant places like Cocos, Malpelo or French Polynesia where these problems were recognised long time ago and money and energy have been sacrificed for protection.
Photo: © Dániel Selmeczi

But how long is it sustainable say in Malpelo of Columbia where the national parks has to be protected by cannons and gunship guards against the reckless fishing vessels? Just consider in mind the business model through which a modern fishing vessel worth millions of dollars brings returns in one or two years!
Since the catch - already in processed state - only has to be transshipped to a freighter and it even does not have to return to the port for months. Or in a world where - far from civilisation - they buy 1 kilogramme shark fins for 100 euros from a fisherman working with rudimentary tools, then the posh restaurants make thousands of euros profit just because someone invented how nice and healthy delicacy it is?
But we do not have to go that far, we can stay within the borders of the European Union: the third biggest shark fins importer in the world is Spain. This is definitely food for thought. In my opinion, if we want to see special and unique species in the future, we have to look towards the macro world...
Photo: © Dániel Selmeczi

Have a look with your own eyes and I can promise that it can offer similar excitements than a “big-fish” dive. Just open your eyes, get a handbook and enjoy the dive - as it is still wonderful!
Text and photo: Dániel Selmeczi
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