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II. TransNatura

International Nature Photo Contest

The Saint George VADON Association announces the II. TransNatura International Nature Photo Contest. The application is open, amateur as well as professional photographers are invited from all over the world, except the members of the jury and the organizers. The basic requirement is that the recordings have to be made of natural habitats without disturbing the wildlife. On the photos only wild animals can be included, pictures taken of captive animals can not compete in the contest. There are two categories.
A Category: Wetlands realm
One can enlist with wetland depicting photographs taken in the wild/nature;
B Category: Wild abstract
One can enlist with abstract nature photographs;
The registration deadline: 30th of June 2015
The assessment by the jury: 1st – 26th of July, 2015
Announcement of results: 15th of August, 2015
Exhibition Opening: 25th of September, 2015
The works received will be evaluated and decided upon by an international jury consisting of the following five persons:
- Milán Radisics, Hungary;
- Orosz György, Hungary;
- Florin Andreescu, Romania;
- Damokos Csaba, Romania;
- Găină Gerendi Ștefan Dorel, Romania

A total number of seven competition prizes will be awarded:

TransNatura Award (Grand Prize): 1,000 Euro;
A - Category:
1st Prize - 600 Euro
2nd Prize - 400 Euro
3rd Prize - 200 Euro
B - Category:
1st Prize - 600 Euro
2nd Prize - 400 Euro
3rd Prize - 200 Euro

Entry requirements:

A candidate may enter into competition with at most four pictures per category. The pictures for the competition are supposed to be submitted in the form of digital images, in .jpg format. Long edge of the photo should be 1920 pixels, 300 dpi resolution, and the size must not exceed 10 MB. The images must be in RGB color scene. Changing essential design elements of the recordings is not allowed. By processing of the images only the following digital corrections are permitted: Levels, gradation curves, color balance, hue / saturation and brightness / contrast / shadow / highlight. The organizers have the right to request the original resolution images, if the candidate does not send in the images as requested by the organizers, he or she shall be excluded from the competition. The submitted entries to the contest must not contain any entries or water marks.
The award-winning pictures and those selected for the exhibition will be later on requested in high resolution from the participants that will be printed in 90x70 cm size. The pictures sent by the applicant should be named as follows: Category_Surname_Name__number_title of the picture. Example: A_SzaboIstvan_01_Soliture.jpg
The applicant must have full copyright and privacy rights over the submitted photos. The organizers are not liable for disputes arising from their lack.
The candidates can upload the records on the website, after registration. The name given at registration must match the name of the digital images. Everyone will be informed about the results by e -mail.
The entry fee is 10 Euro for a category, 15 Euro for two categories (or the equivalent of the value in lei, according to the official exchange rate) which should be transferred into the RO52BTRLRONCRT0235072401 (RON) or RO02BTRLEURCRT0235072401 (EUR) bank account, or in PayPal system
Please refer to the name of the applicant when transfer is made. Bank SWIFT code: BTRLRO22 The application will be considered valid only from the time of the fee payment. The electronic or digital catalog of the exhibition can be downloaded from the website, after the opening of the exhibition.
Applicants will accept the registration conditions and agree with the fact that the organizers use the images freely and without the use of copyright in order to promote the exhibition. All photographs that do not comply with the above described conditions will be automatically excluded from the competition and the non-acceptance of the conditions also means exclusion.
Additional information can be obtained by e-mail at:
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