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december11Retouch techniques A revolutionary transition9Borneo / Malaysia Wings Platinum 4 / III China, Xinjiang, The Land of Uyghur, 2nd part8Photography of ice forms4On varied roads during the Harmattan in Nigeria Winter photography of mammals Birds of prey photography Csaba Daróczi Tata: Wild geese in the heart of the city2North of Sweden and Lapland1Nature Photo Magazineseptember11The Hoopoe Lightroom 3 noise reduction Wings Platinum 4 / II Central America: The Green Island: Cocos Macro photography and photography with telephoto lens China, silk road - A big trip on the land of Uyghurs Photography of misty and foggy themes On the land of giants and legends Autumn landscapes Photography of big game János Gyurom4Hortobágy National Park awakens by birdsong2Landscape photograpy in Scandinavia1Nature Photo Magazinejune2Transylvania - In the ring of mountains of the Carpathians Adobe Photoshop CS5 Wings Platinum Central America: malpelo and Cocos, the Island of Sharks Loire-Atlantique, West of France Zsuzsanna Tóth Paris, the capital of the world Olympus PEN E-P2 Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Drops Cultivated lands in hungary Bee-eaters around the garden1Nature Photo Magazinemarch12Blue daw in front of the stand Irén Becker Gergő Nagy The Land of the Rock Towers The Dolomites, NorthernItaly Sharpening our photos Photographing early spring flowers The giants of the Universe The Gem of the Red Sea6Colours of our photos János Perényi2Little Hungarian desert - Land of dunes around Fülöpháza Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya) East -Africa (Tanzania)1Nature Photo Magazine
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